The Concept: I decided to create the Tahoe Hitch Cover simply because I wanted one for myself and they didn’t exist! I enlisted the help of my good friend, a mechanical engineer to create the drawings and soon we were making prototypes and talking to local stores and launching this website. It happened pretty fast but that was several years ago. Now all I see when I drive around are ugly, empty holes that would look much better with a Tahoe or Nevada! Show off your Lake Tahoe & Nevada pride and let’s fill your hole! 😉 It makes the perfect gift, even if it’s for yourself!

Locally Handmade: I could’ve gone straight to a Chinese manufacturer and ordered molded plastic pieces by the thousands but that’s not the kind of product I wanted to be associated with. I didn’t want to make something cheap. If I was going to put it on my ride, it was going to have to be,”Burly but also super-sweet looking!” You know what I mean, like a piece of art or jewelry… but for your truck! Most importantly, I knew they absolutely had to be made locally. We’re proud to collaborate with one of the best metal shops in Nevada, located in Sparks where our hitch covers are created with precision and great care.

Construction:  Tahoe Hitch Covers are made from high-quality steel, laser cut and then TIG welded by hand so you know they will last. They are powder coated using high-quality powder so you won’t have to worry about rust. Most importantly, the steel is thick enough so you can go ahead and just back into stuff knowing that the Emerald Bay won’t break off! (Just Kidding, Please Don’t)

Designs: Of course once we made the Original “Deep Blue” Tahoe Hitch Cover, we couldn’t just stop there! We kept thinking up even more awesome versions like the “Sky Blue” and then “Sparkly Silver.”  We then came out with an entirely new line; The “I Love” Tahoe Hitch Cover featuring the Heart Cut Out! We’re happy to say they are a huge hit! Then we went crazy and came out with the special edition in real Chrome!! It’s like liquid metal! Then we started getting requests to feature a Nevada Cut Out and a new style was (Battle) Born! What colors? Wolf Pack Blue and Chrome for UNR and for the Silver State, of course! We also had lots of requests for all of our hitch covers to be offered in Matte Black and we are happy to say they are incredibly popular! Not long ago we listened to our customers’ suggestions and we launched the incredibly popular, Nevada Hitch Covers in Chrome, Wolfpack Blue, and Matte Black. We’re not done by a long shot so stay tuned for our latest creations.  As long as we’re having fun with it and all you Tahoe & Nevada people appreciate what we’re doing, we’ll be here helping everyone to “Keep Tahoe Covered”…or to “Fill Your Hole” if you prefer!

Tahoe Hitch Cover is based in North Lake Tahoe and as long-time locals, we are committed to our community. We have pledged to make an annual donation on behalf of the Tahoe Hitch Cover to local charities and programs in order to help protect the natural beauty as well as the vibrant community of Lake Tahoe.

Please help us spread the word about our great, locally handmade products and remember to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram… and thanks for helping us Keep Tahoe Covered!